Monday, May 24, 2010

Donna Graziosa

As always, hand tooled, sculpted and carved leather. Dyed and antiqued. Detailed with antique gold acrylic accents, and antiqued copper studs.

Gift for my mom on Mothers Day, her name is Donna. ;)

"Donna Graziosa" means "Graceful Woman"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Cluaran is my second Highland Cattle Sporran created for Peter at Running River Ranch, made from the fur of the beautiful cattle he raises.

Unlike my first attempt at sporran making, I did a bit of talking and learning from other Sporran makers, learned some proper stitching, and made it a bit bigger.

It's also been dyed black for use as a dress Sporran.

Because I couldn't resist a blank piece of leather while it was drying after I formed it, I tooled a stylized Thistle, and it is after that which it is named.

The chain fasteners are removable, so it can be worn attached to a belt, or chain.

Hand cut, dyed, formed, tooled and stitched... you know the drill. ;) Finished with a waterproof seal.