Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More doodles.... ... dunno what she is... she just popped out.. I don't usually draw sci-fi, and she seems sci-fi to me.... might add more detail later.... but I'm such an ADD doodler.... I have to move on to the next page ;-)

This is my kitty not being a very good model.... usually she is as mobile as a slug... not when I'm trying to sketch her... noooo....

Thursday, March 13, 2008


A couple from last night...

Bought an absolutely beautiful hand made leather bound sketchbook at Megacon this weekend. A bit small for my taste but I just couldnt resist its rustic medeival almost steam-punk look..

The skull was drawn using missmonsters steampunk skull as reference.. such an inspiring piece of art to me.Got some new colored brush pens yesterday.... decided to play with them.... color is such a struggle for me.

Trying to force myself to sketch every night now.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another attempt in Painter...

....well Painter Essentials to be precise... got it for free with my Wacom... and I am currently too poor to buy the full program. But from what I understand the only difference is fewer brushes, an no brush customization... which is fine by me, baby steps. I don't need too much info all at once!

This one was inspired by a challenge on Gnomon Workshop.... "Personal Transport". Lots of people submitted robots and such... but I'm more of an organic kinda girl. And I love me some snails.

Not quite happy with it... particularly the background... but then that is something I've always struggled with, even with traditional mediums. I am really fighting to get the brushes to behave naturally.... but I guess it all just takes practice... and figuring out which works best for my style.

Oh.... also finally bought a mac. =) I am now officially part of the Mac cult.... keeping my good ol Frankenstein PC for my gaming tho... built her myself.... she's 7 years old now and I keep up on her so she is always pretty cutting edge for gaming machine. =)

Anyhooo.... more later!