Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another attempt in Painter...

....well Painter Essentials to be precise... got it for free with my Wacom... and I am currently too poor to buy the full program. But from what I understand the only difference is fewer brushes, an no brush customization... which is fine by me, baby steps. I don't need too much info all at once!

This one was inspired by a challenge on Gnomon Workshop.... "Personal Transport". Lots of people submitted robots and such... but I'm more of an organic kinda girl. And I love me some snails.

Not quite happy with it... particularly the background... but then that is something I've always struggled with, even with traditional mediums. I am really fighting to get the brushes to behave naturally.... but I guess it all just takes practice... and figuring out which works best for my style.

Oh.... also finally bought a mac. =) I am now officially part of the Mac cult.... keeping my good ol Frankenstein PC for my gaming tho... built her myself.... she's 7 years old now and I keep up on her so she is always pretty cutting edge for gaming machine. =)

Anyhooo.... more later!


trollsmyth said...

Ooo! I like! Especially the colors, all that vivid green and the soft striations on the snail's shell. Most especially, I like the fanciful headgear the snail is wearing.

A couple of quick questions, if you don't mind:

1) Which tablet did you get? The Trollwife is considering spending her Christmas money on one, and we've been looking at the wacoms. How do you like yours so far?

2) What games do you play?

- Brian

Lea said...

Heya trollsmyth!


I am convinced you are the only reader of my blog.. hahahaha!

Here are my answers-

1) I got the big one, the Intuos3 9x12. Been finding myself wishing I'd gotten a smaller one though, because it does not fit in any laptop bags currently made, making it not very portable. Have to buy a separate bag for it if I want to take it anywhere. meh. But I do love it... only thing I've used that is better so far is the cintiq... but that is many many xmas years worth of xmas moneys! lol

2) WoW... and... Wow..... every now and then I get burn out and will play some NWN2, or Oblivion... recently bought the Orange Box and burned through those... fiddle with Team Fortress 2, but I'm not any good! lol

Sorrentino said...

greta blog you have here! love the fae noggins. it's nice to see someone in central florida with one of these, I rarely do run into those. can't wait to see more, take care~Albert