Monday, January 15, 2007

WIP:1 The Huntress

So I decided to put Basil back on the back-burner. Clothing him is driving me nuts.. and I'm afraid if I carry on fighting with him I'll burn out and loose the drive to sculpt.... particularly since he is only my second.

So I've decided to do a smaller scale.. all hard bodied sculpt... I'm not clothing this one! And any clothes she will be wearing I will be sculpting on!

Here is what I've got for starters.... really wishing I had an artists anatomy book or some sort of reference... just working from what is in my head. But its proving difficult to lay her muscles and skin folds out right.

My plan for her is that she is not going to be a faerie.. rather.. a brownie of sorts. She will be holding a bow or spear in her left hand.

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