Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stray Sod

Always a fan of Brian Froud... and having admired the book Faeries all through my childhood... I think its natural that it wouldnt take long for me to break down and bring to life one of his wonderful drawings.

As I was working on this one.. I wasnt happy with it through the entire process. I didnt take a single WIP photo because I was sure I was going to give up and smoosh him at any second... the head kept flattening out and becoming wide (UGGGH sculpting small scale with prosculpt can drive one INSANE!).. he wouldnt smooth.. his butt kept getting too heavy causing him to topple over... so many little things that last night I got fed up and threw him in the oven regardless of the fact that he was nowhere near being smoothed and finished (sshhh! He doesnt even have thumbs!) I made up my mind today after having baked him that I would paint him and finish him tonight to get him out of the way so I could start on something new.

As I worked everything started to come together. He already knew what he wanted.. and he wanted imperfection damnit! My dirty little bumpy stray sod!

In the end he turned out WAAAY better than I thought he was going to. And I am quite pleased with him!

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