Sunday, March 04, 2007


I think its obvious I was rockin out to some 80s musica nd David Bowie/Labyrinth soundtrack while working on her. :)

Well this one is finished. I timed how long this one took me to make... just about 10 hours. :) I will post her on ebay probably tomorrow... figuring she is a days work... to get a better idea how much of an income I would have if I wanted to do this on a full time basis. :) Teehee.

Her hair still needs a bit of taming... and she will probably have her photoshoot tomorrow.

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trollsmyth said...

Heh. There's a blog rumbling around in the back of my head about 80's rock, fantasy flicks, RPGs, and fantasy in general. I miss glam and hair rock. I'm a sucker for power ballads.

The problem is, I'm not sure it has a point, beyond simply saying, "This is the way things were, back when to say you listened to rock meant something."

Your sculpture is great! I love the sense of whimsy, and the common thread of earthiness that seems to run through all your work. What I find most interesting is how you've escaped Froud's earth-tones pallette, decking and decorating your critters in bright, almost carnival colors, without losing that sense that they are wild and dangerous. Like the fairies of "Labyrinth", I'm certain that yours bite when they want to, provoked or not. ;)