Sunday, March 07, 2010

UrRu & Other Adventures

So, I walked into the world of The Dark Crystal, and I came back out again with this.

I've taken up archery again, and needed a quiver. Of course any old store bought quiver was not going to do, so I challenged myself to make my own dream quiver.

For whatever reason, my old childhood favorite The Dark Crystal wouldnt leave my mind. Funny thing is there isn't even a single archer in the entire film... but if there were, this is definitely what a Gelfling would use. ;-)

Took me about a week in all... with a few mad sessions of Mass Effect 2 thrown into the mix. I really enjoyed making this, and really feel like a lot of "myself" is shining back out from it.

I named it "UrRu", after the mystics from the film.

This was also good practice for my upcoming massive project of many many sporrans. I recently met a Highland cattle rancher, and I will be using his hides to make sporrans using said beautiful Highland fur as embellishment.

finished hide

I also bought from him a few un-tanned hides for very cheap, and plan to tan them myself with the help of an incredible hunter/tanner/bowyer/fletcher I met at the archery shop. I'd like to see if it would be worth my while to tan the hides myself, or just continue to buy them already finished. If nothing else, it will be a great experience to learn the process of tanning and actually do it myself.
untanned hides

us making off with our loot

There will be some busy weeks ahead!


BRP said...

Brian Froud should be proud!

Lea said...

ooh wouldnt it be nice if Brian Froud could see this :)

<3 Brian Froud

ZaR said...

My goodness, I am completely blown away!