Tuesday, October 10, 2006

First off.. let me point out Bailey.. our cat... being a complete supermodel.

We've been on a painting rampage pretty much non-stop for the last week or so in the new house. I'd planned on simply sponging two accent walls in the master bedroom, but about halfway through the first wall, I decided I didnt want to cover the entire second wall.. it would be too dark... but how could I only cover part, without it looking rediculous? It wasnt much longer before I was struck with inspiration. Trying to describe my idea to Dave felt like I was speaking alien.. so I resorted to cave-man communication and busted out the sketchbook. ;-) Within the next two hours the wall was complete... from just a simple brain-fart.


Laying in the bath tonight... I was staring at the walls around me... and now of course, in my head, those walls look completely different.


trollsmyth said...

Lovely! I cannot let my wife see this page. There's no way I'd get any writing done once she saw that. ;)

greg gibson said...

To see this in person is pretty impressive. It makes me wanna snatch Lea up and lock her in my house to decorate it for a couple days...

Need to share with everyone more pics, like of the nice painting in the entrance. ;)