Monday, October 23, 2006

WIP:1 Venezia

My current piece is this, what will eventually be an inked and watercolored (mayhaps some color pencil) illustration of a random place in Venice (using as a reference a photo I took during a visit years ago). I plan on giving this piece to my fiance Dave's mother for Christmas this year.

There is a bit of a story behind my reasons for doing a piece on Venice. Apparently, Dave's dad did a watercolor for friends of theirs years ago, and his mom requested one for herself... unfortunately he passed away before he was able to make it for her. =( So hopefully it wont be considered inappropriate for me to do this for her... but I've heard her mention it more than once.. and Dave thinks it is a good idea. All one can do is hope she agrees. =)

I'll post more as this one progresses!


greg gibson said...

As always, Lea is the mad pimpin ARTEEST!!!

Marina said...

Lea, you are so incredibly talented! I am breathlessly awaiting your next post! :) Keep up the good work!!!!