Thursday, July 12, 2007


This little spidey isn't my work, but I totally want to make one.
He's awesome, no?

I discovered today an entire genre that up until now, I was completely oblivious of. And I must say, I am completely enamored.

A mix of Victorian steampowered gadgets, cog-critters, and a touch of Harry Potterness. I love it.

Check out the blog Brassgoggles for good examples of Steampunk goodness.

Up until now I've been at a complete loss of how to decorate our guest bedroom... I definitely wanted to go the route of old world.. perhaps French or English Victorian... but it seemed so cold and, well... not me. But give it a bit of a steampunk twist... some shelves with some little odds and ends... mysterious aged transcripts framed on the wall... and well.. that is something.

I am inspired. And when that happens, WATCH OUT!

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trollsmyth said...

I soooo wanna stay at your place. :D

If you haven't looked at it yet, I highly recommend "Girl Genius" by the Phoglios. ( Phil Phoglio used to do the "What's New: with Phil & Dixie" strip in the back of Dragon magazine way back in the day. "Girl Genius" is full of fun storytelling, some surprisingly moody art, and all sorts of steampunk goodness.